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Shopping, bikes and impressions

A few very exciting shop-concepts await you in our separate shop building. Fashion, interior and all the necessary gear, for a perfect bike outing on an Electra Beachcruiser – you get it all. Come in, and look around!

If you fall in love with the Beach Motel interior, the Shutters Interior shop is the right shop for you. Here you will find all kinds of furniture, decorations and accessories to bring the Beach Motel style to your own home. Buy what you love, take it with you directly or have it delivered to your home address. Naturally, the Shutters Interior staff will help you to also create your very own interior design concept.

The shop’s inventory holds the popular labels Rivièra Maison, Ocean House, pad home design concept, and many many more.

At Marc & Daniel you can shop for everything that makes women’s and men’s hearts beat faster: Trendy and casual outfits for your holiday and any other day, chic attire for special occasions as well as windbreakers, rain jackets and warm hats for “Schietwetter” (shitty weather). If you are looking for trendy accessories to bring home as souvenirs or to treat yourselves with, you’ve come to the right address.

Here you can find hoodies, shirts and blouses by Derbe and Knowledge Cotton as well as dresses, blouses and cardigans by UVR Connected, Armedangels and Circle of Trust. Must-have-bags by Harbour2nd. Watches by Kapten & Sons, jewellery by mint and bracelets by Fischers Fritze. There also is a very fine selection of pretty accessories and small gifts. 

By the way: It’s very possible, you will meet one or both of the brothers, owning the shop. Their names Marc & Daniel stand for personal and honest service. They wish for you to feel just as comfortable in their store, as they themselves do.

Feel welcome to come in and rummage around! It’s worth it!

You can also find them online: www.marcunddaniel.de
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